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MacBook only works when power adapter is plugged in

I have a refurbished MacBook Pro that will only turn on when plugged in. It says it has 100% battery, but dies instantly if the power cable is unplugged. I have tried resetting the SMC and PRAM. I’ve included a screenshot of coconut report and the system information for the battery:

Block Image

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Battery seems to be faulty, there are 2 values well out of standards:

  • voltage is not supposed to be 5v. but 8v. There’s some tolerance downwards but 5v. is much too low to keep the machine up and running.
  • Capacity is suspiciously on the high side. As you can see it reads 16,400mAH. A typical value should be around 12500mAh. I can understand some seller might set theorical capacity a bit higher, but this seems a bit too much.

However, even if we take capacity off the picture, voltage on its own says it all.

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