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Samsung S7 USB Connection does not show up

Hello everyone,

I have owned my S7 for nearly 3 years now, and I have found out that it will no longer connect with my USB, only charge. I’ve done everything that Google suggests, i.e turning on developer mode, USB debugging, MTP transfer, using different USB ports(does not work with any of them), installing my Android and Samsung USB drivers, rebooting my computer(Windows 10) and my S7, but to no avail. There is no indication of a USB connection in my notifications, only a mere “cable charging.” Is my USB charging port damaged? Could anyone help?


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Samsung Galaxy phones have a long, torrid history of USB port failures. We repair more USB charge ports on Galaxy phones than we do even broken screens.

This is a repair that is best left to a reputable shop, unless you are 100% confident you know what you’re doing. Your galaxy S7 device is too expensive to be a DIY guinea pig.

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