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Why are my PC fans running so fast

I have an hp ProDesk running windows 7. The fans have been running fast and sound like a jet engine…..i have pulled the side panel off and blew the inside out with compressed air and then restarted….same issue….

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Hi Dean,

First of all, do an inplace ( all programs and file kept intact) upgrade it to Windows 10. It is still free if you have a legal copy of W7 - amazing how few people know this! If you prefer the older style desktop look just install "OpenShell v4.4.138". Viola! W7 appearance with W10 vastly better performance and security.

Then run something like "HWMonitor v1.40" which will show you which components are running at what temperature (highs and lows over time) so you will know where the problem is. Then go from there.


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Try adjusting the power plan of your computer, (Start menu> search “Power plan” > “choose a power plan”> set to power saver. Then restart computer.

Try running PC with side open (if it goes away it may be a heat issue with your case). With it running determine if all the fans are working or if it a particular fan being louder then others.

Otherwise updating BIOS may help the issue. if you have questions in how to trouble shoot a specific fan or updating BIOS let me know.


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