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Sony’s 20.1 megapixel camera designed to capture still images and video recording up to 720 pixels.

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E :62 :10 what is this

There is always E:62 :10 on the screen of my camera whenever i open it, can someone please help me, am gonna join a competition and i want to use this, pleaaaase…. URGENTTT?????

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Andrea Kim that is a lens error. Could be generated by a stuck lens. Try to extend the zoom immediately after you turn the camera on. Then remove battery while still in zoom tap around battery case a few times.Then replace the battery and see if that will help. If not you will need to either repair the lens or replace it.

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This is a very well known and recurring problem that happens a lot with Sony camera's.

Error messages can be found at

E:62:10 is a generic error of the stabilizer. All users experience the same process : after less than 3 years of use the stabilizer breaks down, making it impossible to take sharp pictures, and displaying the dreaded E:62:10 error message.

Thousands of users on the Internet have the same problem, read the complete explanation with more than 400 forums listed on the website '''''' ! or just search E:62:10 on Google or on Google Videos or on YouTube !

A temporary solution could be available at

For me it is a hidden defect or a problem of programmed obsolescence which Sony refuses to follow up despite the many complaints.

If your camera is still under warranty, get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I advise you to take contact with the support services of SONY, and keep us posted of the evolution of your case.

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