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Also known as EOS 600D and released in March 2011, this camera can be identified by its SKU (SKU:5169BO32). This camera is a Canon Digital SLR with 18 megapixels.

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Error code 20 appears when I turn on rebel t3i

Is there a way to repair error code 20?

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@cuitm this is a general error code which indicates a mechanical malfunction in the camera, so not very specific.  Luckily this camera only has a few mechanical components so you do want to check your reflex mirror and the focal shutter. Most commonly this is actually caused by a mechanical issue with the lens. Try another lens and see if that resolves the issue. If you do not have access to another lens, remove the current one and take a picture without the lens (you will of course not get a picture;-). If you can verify that the error code no longer shows, you know that you have a bad lens.

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