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The Nokia 2630b is basic phone with a VGA camera.

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How do I Hard Reset this phone?

Hello! I have a Nokia 2630 (without b, but still the same phone) and i need to hard reset it. Also, does hard-reseting does restore the phone's memory itshelf to the original state? I need to know it because i deleted my ringtones and accidentaly also deleted my game.

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R.M.S Lusitania  yes, it will reset all your data. Consider all of your data, including any games etc.,as gone.

  1. Turn your phone on
  2. Press and hold *key=>3key=>call button=>power button
  3. Once you see the Nokia logo let go of all the held keys
  4. next enter your lock code (default is 12345)
  5. Now your phone should be reset and restart

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Another question: did it restore the games, ringtones, and other to its original factory state?


R.M.S Lusitania it will restore the data to the point it was when it was a new phone. All of the data you have stored after will be lost.


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