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Device repair and troubleshooting guides for the Alienware 17 R2, an American computer made by Dell in 2015, but later discontinued. This product was specifically designed for gaming.

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12 Volt power spike on USB

I am positive that one of my USB ports was spiked with 12 volts.

Now i cant get any power from the two front ports.

If i plug in a device with external power, the device will communicate properly.

I tested the ports thoroughly.

And i have come to the conclusion that the Vcc is disabled now or a component blew.

Any advice would be great.

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i did disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on all 3 Root Hubs

no change


I think it is a component on the vcc pin of the usb ports blew because data still works as long as the device plugged in has external power. So i am 100% sure the vcc pin is the problem.


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I think the surge blew the internal USB PMIC, which would explain why the USB system died. Unfortunately, to fix this you’d probably have to replace the motherboard, unless you’re fine running the USB devices from a hub.

Good luck!

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@gentj you’ll have to go and take a look at it. Disassemble your laptop and look for obviously damaged components. There are schematics for some of the Alienware motherboard but we would need to know exactly which one your model has. Check the silkscreen print on your board and let us know what your board number is. Also. Post some good picture of it so we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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