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The iRobot Roomba 770 is a cordless, autonomous vacuum that will clean your floor without supervision.

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iRoomba 775 vacuum motor always on (?!)


My Roomba 775 has started acting weird. With a full battery (measured ~15 V) even when the Roomba is switched off, as soon as I put in the dust bin, the vacuum motor will engage and remain running (?!).

Likewise, once I switch it on, the vacuum motor remains engaged. The Roomba won’t move if I press on “Clean”. Zero action, other than switching on the lights and keeping the vacuum motor running without need.

I’ve tried the reset trick (press and holding Clean for 10 seconds), but this did not help.

Any hints on where to look? I’ve googled up and down without success :(

Thanks in advance!

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This sounds like a logic board issue. You can remove the battery for a while and let all power drain. This can fix data related issues sometimes. But the way you describe it not working normally either way,not just simply a bad switch,but it won’t recognize the clean command,maybe the control board(the part with buttons) is bad? I’d watch YouTube videos on it. If you think this is your specific issue,you can source a part and try to repair it.

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Yellow! Thanks for the feedback.

Indeed, it smells like something control-board-related. Frustrating as can be, but I’ll have to deal with it. Hopefully I’ll manage to zero in to the issue…

Cheers from the Mediterranean!


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Irobot roomba 630 works in a vacuum when charging. Where there be a problem?

(changed battery to Li-ion 14.8v 5000mAh 74Wh)

Thank you!

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