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La troisième génération de la série des phablettes Samsung Galaxy Note, lancée le 25 septembre 2012. Identifiable au numéro de modèle N9005.

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Microphone doesn't work after USB daughter board replaced

My old but reliable Note 3 charged slower and slower and then not at all. Probably due to dirt accumulated in the USB port. I bought and replaced the daughter board that includes the USB port and now it charges quickly. However now the microphone doesn’t work at all, but the speakerphone does when in phone mode. So now I can’t verbally input anything, e.g., text messages, search fields, voice commands….. There was some sticky, gray colored film between part of the board and the phone chassis to the right side of the USB port as you look down onto the back of the phone. I think it may have something to do with this. I disturbed the film when removing the old board but was careful to replace it as shown in the teardown video. Thanks for any help. (re: Right to Repair- I bought it, I own it, and I can do what I want with it (within FCC Rules & Regs) thank you very much!)

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Hi Charles,

check out Microphone not working after charging port replacement and Microphone and/or speaker problem.

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Hey Lucas, thanks for the answer, I appreciate it. It gave me some insight and I'll try working on it some more. It seems a lot of newer "things" are made cheaper with a known inherent short life expectancy and I am better off if I can repair older "stuff". At least I don't feel like such a fool buying and throwing away the same crap over and over. Thanks again.....


Hi Charles, you are welcome, we are only humans, so keep going, fingers crossed!


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Just get another daughter board. Some of the new replacement board has bad mic from factory.

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