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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Expanding battery and flickering screen

My surface pro 4 battery is bulging from the left side and screen is flickering what should I do?

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we just had a customer with a badly swollen battery (which kinda helped with the screen removal). after battery replacement and and reassembly, the screen is slightly flickering in the bottom left of the screen.


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Call Microsoft, these problems are usually covered for free for 2-3 years even if the warranty expires.

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This is the right solution for some time, then after some extra time they offer a paid repair. I tried it about 1 year ago when I had the flickering screen problem (although the repair cost was so high that made it unacceptable; I refused then).

Unfortunately, now with a new problem (expanding battery) I've just been told this week that the Surface Pro 4 is no longer supported, even for out-of-warranty repairs. Basically they told me "buy a new one" (with no discount or advantage)... which I don't plan at all, precisely because of the low quality hardware and low quality support/repair service Microsoft gives, for such a premium product! Really disappointed...

Thanks for the solution anyway, @tomchai, it might still be useful for later Surface Pro models. Good luck if you have any HW problem with a Surface Pro... :(


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