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Home button with working return function?

Hey! I’m restoring an iPhone 8 that was gifted to me after a friend shattered the whole dang thing. Where online can I find an iPhone 8 home button with a working return function? I understand that a replacement home button will lose its Touch ID feature, but I won’t use that anyway.


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2 solutions

  • Have a look if the original can be fixed
  • Have apple replace the front screen and replace and programme a new button for u
  • Have a look at the really not great bluetooth home buttons that click and use bluetooth to connect to the phone eg JC home button

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if it was that easy and cost efficient everyone would do it.


You can get a replacement home button without using bluetooth. Ifixit sells them, they cost about 20 dollars. Touch Id won't work but other than that the home button will work normally. And also this post is from a year ago


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the bluetooth home button works great. Just got one from ebay, put on the jumper and works like a charm.

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