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Annoncé le 16 Octobre 2014, identifiable par le numéro de modèle A1347 et EMC 2840.

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Why Mojave and ARD don't work?

I know this topic has come up before. I know there are other alternatives out there which might be better and may work.

I have a Mac Mini 2014 running Mojave at home and I want to have remote access to it. I do have Remote Management enabled and Remote Login enabled. Also, my name is allowed access. I am signed in to iCloud and related services.

When I am sitting at my work computer (iMac), I want to have remote access to my home computer. I know that BTMM and related components have been removed from Mojave which makes doesn't help the situation.

I have ARD on my work computer and my home computer (Mojave computer) doesn't appear in ARD. I am not sure if I have to Port Forward anything on the router to get this computer to appear in ARD. Again, I know about Screens, Chrome Desktop Remote, Teamviewer, etc.... but I would like to try and get this to work, if possible.

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The first thing I would do is setup ARD on a second system at home to make sure it works on a flat network. If you can run WireShark aka Ethereal on a third system you should be able to watch the connection between the two systems (make sure you aren’t using a layer 2 switch as that will filter the data flows on the network monitoring station).

With the WireShark data in hand you should be able to adjust your home router the needed port access.

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