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An affordable mid range laptop sold by Acer in mid 2015. This laptop comes with a Nvidia 940m graphics card, Intel i5-5200U CPU, and a 1080p display.

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Why wont my acer e5-573g boot past acer logo

it will not boot past the acer logo, if i spam F2 as soon as it turns on it will bring me to what i assume is the bios menu but thats all i can get to .

Block Image

picture of how far it can get

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Been a long time- but I am having this same issue


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crownapple  check in the BIOS to see if your Acer recognizes a boot device. It is possible that you have a failed HDD or a corrupt OS. You can also set your boot order in the BIOS screen to an external USB or optical drive and use a bootable disk to see if it boots up. Right now my money is on a bad drive.

Update (07/29/2019)

crownapple we would need to see the screen that you get on startup (after hitting F2)It is possible that you actually have an UEFI firmware setting. What OS are you running? There are differences between Win, Android etc. Post some pictures of the screen when it pop up with your question. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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@oldturkey03 how would one go about this?


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