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The first-generation Ford Focus was manufactured in Europe from 1998-2004 and in North American from 1999 to 2007.

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Have a 2001 ford focus zx3 2.0l dohc idles rough, high idle misfires.

Was told it could be the spark plugs needed replacing, so i went ahead and did a tune up. Changed all filters, spark plugs and cables, ignition coil pack and changed the oil about 2 weeks ago. But a couple of days before i did the tune up the serpentine belt snapped(it snapped while driving)so I replaced it and idler pulley. Then did the tune up. Still misfires and idles rough and high idle. Still no check engine light. What could it be?

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perfectmistake78 did it do all of this before the serpentine belt snapped? Have you had a chance to scan the OBD for any codes yet?


Yeah. I thought that would fix the prob, say ended up having to change the serpentine belt again and replace the idler pulley due to loud screeching. Got rid of the noise but still misfires and idles rough. There was some vibrating and shaking because the passenger side motor mount wasn't tight enough I fixed that. So there's still a slight vibration but I'm not sure if that's due to the rough idling


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Rough idle could be several different things.

The simplest solution is replace the spark plugs and wires.

The more complicated would be a bad O2 sensor, or the timing belt is old, and has jumped timing.

If it’s the timing belt, you need to get it replaced ASAP! Most engines are interference, and if the timing belt breaks, the engine will be destroyed.

I’d hope that a 2001 would have had the timing belt replaced at least one in its lifetime, as it’s a routine maintenance item, that is supposed to be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Hope this helps!

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Check for vacuum leaks. Brake booster and pcv system.

Also I would check the serpentine belt tensioner and alternator. Start eliminating the simple stuff first before throwing part darts. VACUUM LEAK

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