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The Samsung Impression is a slider-style mobile phone with an AMOLED touch-screen.

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My touch screen is no longer working

I am unable to get to my contacts or menu, the only part of the phone that works is the keyboad. How do i reset the screen?

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To hard reset your Samsung A877 phone enter *2767*3855# BE AWARE THAT THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR CONTACTS, MESSAGES and PICS ETC. SO back your stuff up ahead of time.

There is another reset but I do not think that this will work for you since your screen does not work. Info here.

To reset the handset, to the factory default settings, follow the steps below:

From the standby screen, press Menu

Press Settings

Press Reset Settings

Press on any of the following to check their boxes:

All: Sound Profiles, Display & Light, Phone and Alarm settings will be returned to default values

Sound Profiles: Only sound profile settings will be returned to default values

Display and Light: Only display settings will be returned to default values

Phone: Only phone settings will be returned to default values

Alarms: Only alarm settings will be returned to default values

Press Reset

Enter the password default password is “0000”, then press OK

If prompted, Enter the password again to confirm then press OK

Press Yes to Reset the handset's settings to the factory defaults

If the reset does not work, you may just have to look at your digitizer and possibly needing a new one. Good Luck and let us know

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