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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console and is the first of its kind across all systems with dual-screen technology and use, apart from clamshell Game & Watch systems.

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game shows only "loading" screen.

Hi all,

we've got a much loved "R4" card which contains 70 games ?on what looks like a smaller ?SD card.It no longer loads on the games console...just shows " loading". Considering the ages of the people owning the nintendos and the number of times I have replaced the hinges/screen I would guess that it has suffered a "life threatening injury" of some sort by one or more of the owners!

What I'm interested in is whether the games are on the SD card or the nintendo card and whether there is anything worth doing to save or recycle it.

Cheers for any help


PS i have unscrewed the one and only screw on the nintendo card and didn't feel any better.. maybe if I knew what I was meant to find it would've helped. :-)

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This R4 card is what I've bought to replace our faulty one. I stupidly thought that it was something that would cost the earth and never investigated enough.We got the R4 card as part of a Honk Kong nintendo deal so I thought it would only be available that way again/not legal. It's only because these darn nintendo/kids playing nintendo and breaking them that I have coincidentally found the answer! Seems I'm a bit behind the times..

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Have you tried using a different DS console to play the game? I'm not really to knowlagable about the DS, but it sounds like a problem with the console, not the flashcard.

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it's not the console.. tried in all 3 of our consoles. all other games load in all the's just this game. I don't really understand the innards of the card itself.


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