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Released in May 2018, identified by model number X410ULMG.

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My charger keeps falling out and it has to be just right to charge

My LG k30s charger won't fit into the charging port and I've used multiple chargers and it's the same with all of them. Ive looked up how to fix this and every article says there's dust and stuff inside my charger port…there is not, I even tried “removing" what what could've been there but there was nothing. This isn't a new phone or a new charger either. It worked and charged perfectly and then one day it became loose. Please help!

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Do you have a case or rubber / plastic sleeve on phone? Try removing that and using a new micro usb charger not from 99 cents store they are made cheaply and easily break. I had same problem doing these 2 easy steps helped another tip dont use phone while charging!

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