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iPhone 7 black screen home button works

Hi all

I have dropped my phone from about 40cm in height from the table onto the carpet. The screen when picking up slowly faded to black and it never lit back up. It is worth noting the screen has not a single scratch nor crack, same for the phone. It landed quite soft and the home button does still work when pressing.

Tried restarting, DFU, all software options but without any resolution. Then opened it with the iFixit tools & guide as I read in a lot of places it could be just a simple dislodged screen cable.

I have not noticed anything particularly loose inside but I followed the guide anyway and disconnected & re-connected the two screen cables several times but no resolution. The Taptip engine/home button still works masterfully.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to proceed now? I have already another iPhone so it is not really that I want to use it, I just desperately am trying to get to my data as I also was unable to transfer the backup I made some time ago onto my new iPhone. I really just care about the data, which is why buying a screen replacement would be the last step to undertake knowing I have another phone already.

Many tthanks in advance!



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You mused have ripped the ribbon cable going to the home button.

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I don't really understand. The home button is the only thing that works. The screen remains black.


O my bad if the only thing that doesn't work is the screen then you should replace your screen good luck.


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