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The Dyson V6 Motorhead Vacuum is a lightweight, cordless vacuum. It easily converts for handheld cleaning using a simple dirt bin instead of replaceable trash bags.

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Solid blue light, but no power.

Can anyone help?

Our V7 Motörhead has solid blue light when the trigger is pulled, but does not turn on. They have sent us a new charger and new battery but still nothing. They cannot send us a new one as they’re out of stock. Any ideas?


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Hi izzymeadows

Suggest you contact them again, as my impression it is still under warranty.

if out of stock ask them if can get a similar one or higher / better one with an "upgrade fee".

there are many possibilities, but since you mentioned new charger and battery, i can only think of internal faults, e.g. logic board, motor, etc

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