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The Huawei Honor 10 is an Android smartphone released in May 2018. It has a 5.84" LCD display, 4GB of RAM, a dual 24 and 16 MP main camera, a 24 MP selfie camera, and a front-mounted fingerprint sensor.

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Charging issue after screen replacement - temperature too low

Hey guys,

I did a screen replacement on a Honor 10, repair went fine.

Customer returned today and mentioned he couldn’t charge the device as it was getting really hot, I tested it and he was right, the top board was getting very hot.

I have opened it up and reconnected everything and now the phone does not get hot, instead I get a message saying the phone temperature is too low.. as a result the phone does not charge, or it doesnt show as charging because when I restart the phone the battery % has increased so it is taking charge.

Any ideas? is there a way to disable this message?


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So I’ve finally figured out what was causing the charging/loudspeaker/vibrator issues. When you remove the back cover there is a large foil/heat sheet from the top to the bottom, when you peel the foil off the motherboard it leaves little bits behind, some of those little bits got into the connector for the charging port/LS flex which caused the problems. I have cleaned it out and now everything is back working.


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I won't suggest to disable this message for safety reasons and the only way that you may find a solution is using Chinese website and i think during repairing you damaged something that controls the temperature.

I just got my replacement screen and i watched a couple of videos its not that easy hence you need to almost tear it down! Any tips? What could went wrong with you? I don't want to mess it up so anything is welcome

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I hope maybe this help, but in new Samsung series there is some sensors on the plastic covers, fully assembling it and installing every single screw fix the issue in Samsung phones.

If the phone was hot and now says temperature too low, there is a chance that something was doing a short inside or there is a broken component, maybe you can take a look of the motherboard and see if every single component is there and there is nothing broken or loose.

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