Games Crashing on launch, goes back to dashboard?

Have a friend who bought a used Xbox One S from a certain UK chain, the console has issues where games install fine but soon as you attempt to launch them they go to the splash screen then crash back to the dashboard.

I have attempted the following:

1) Reset the console back to factory settings

2) Tried a different profile

3) Opened the console and checked the hard drive in windows for faults (windows says it’s fine)

Even though the hard drive is detected fine is it possible theres a fault with it? The hard drive installed in the console was a Seagate Video HDD which seems a strange choice for a games console as I thought the video hdd’s were energy saving?

What other steps should I try? I seen someone on here say Seagate drives can mess with the OSU1 firmware, should I try a different brand of HDD to see if that makes a difference?

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