Phone only charges when screen is off, died completely.

For about a week my phone has only charged with the screen on, a small inconvenience but i just left the screen on when it charged. Unfortunately i did not get it plugged in and it died completely and i cannot get it to charge. I cant get into recovery mode but i can get it to say powered by android, and show the 0% battery when i first plug it in. i was able to get it to 3% by holding my cable down . i turned it on to let it charge but it did not continue charging. Advice? the phone is revvl plus but its manufactured by coolpad

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Try another charger, try another cable. Inspect the charging port for looseness, wear and tear, dirt, fluff etc. Use a multimeter to check the voltage coming out of the charging unit to make sure the voltage level is correct.


the charger works on other phones, if necessary where would i buy a replacement board? There is copper exposed exposed on the bit in the charging port.


i got it charged but it still only charges when the screen is on. any suggestions?


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