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tc65fx800 TV - has sound but no picture

My tv has a crack on the left top corner, but it was still working fine, sometimes picture would turn off but after a few on/off attempts and a slight touch in the corner picture would dry on. Now unfortunately it doesn’t turn on anymore. I can hear the sound on Netflix but no picture. Even though the screen was cracked/donged on the top left corner I didn’t mind . Is there a simple fix for this ? Why was it working before ? Why is the sound working but no picture ? Tv is 6 months old damaged by movers.

Update (08/23/2019)

Just a quick note, after squeezing the Tv all around and shaking it a little bit Ian’s after a few attempts on/off picture came back not sure why but it did. I would like a proper fix to this even if the tv has a crack. Thanks

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Only way you are going to find out if the unit is repairable even with the crack is to take the TV apart and locate the source of the trouble. No mover's insurance or legal proceedings against the movers to get the TV replaced?

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