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Guide de reparation et support pour les ordinateurs portables produits par Gigabyte.

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How can I disassemble the screen of Gygabyte Aero 15 FHD

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This lower section appeared while watching a video.

We have never dropped the laptop, it has not been overheated, we haven't moved the hinge much.

Could you please clarify possible reasons for this.

I am ready to buy a replacement and replace the screen myself. However, there are no screen disassembly video anywhere for Gygabyte Aero 15.

Thanks in advance.

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If the screen started malfunctioning while you were watching a video, perhaps the video card’s driver may need updating. This can be done in the Device Manager utility (devmgmt.msc).

However, just in case I’m wrong, please run your computer’s video troubleshooting utility. This can be found in your computer’s Settings at Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Video Playback. Be sure that you choose the “I want to continue with this troubleshooter” option at the bottom when the utility’s window opens.

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