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A 26-pound portable stainless steel ice maker by Insignia released in 2016. Model number NS-IMP26SS7.

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ice maker not working

Starting with machine off, I fill up to water line, turn on the ice maker, the fan is blowing, dumps one load of cubes after a few minutes, fan turns back on, Fan turns off, comes back on, turns off comes back on, started to freeze 2nd batch but tries to release 2nd batch before it’s done. Starts over.

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2 hrs ice. It's trying, no ice.


Still, 3hrs later, no ice.


Did you ever figure out what was wrong?


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First thing I would do is to allow it to re-set by turning it off for 15 minutes. That failing, I would turn it off and allow it to completely thaw out for a day and then restart it.

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