How to tell what is broken on the TV?

So I took this TV off of a friend because it fell off of his TV stand onto the hardwood floor. He was going to dump it because the screen cracked but I thought this might be a fun project. However, this is my first TV repair and I’m trying to figure out what issues there might be, and also where I can find replacement parts online. I’ve been looking for a few hours, but cannot find any useful information, including part numbers or where I can find the parts numbers I might need.

In short, I’m mainly looking for resources for general TV repair, and also where I could possibly get a parts diagram for this specific TV and what tools I should acquire for TV repairs to avoid further damages. From what I can tell, it might only be the LED screen that is broken, but I’m not sure how much those run for either.

Any advice or resources you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!

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An answer to your inquiry re: broken screen will be the first thing you see. :-)


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