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An 11.6” laptop engineered for value, the 100s Chromebook features a 1366 x 768 display and up to 8 hours of battery life.

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Why is my keyboard typing the incorrect keys?

Hey guys,

Hopefully someone can be of some assistance. I have a Lenovo 100S Chromebook that has recently began acting up. A few days ago I did a surface wipe down of the device, cleaning any dirt and dust that was mucking it up. I used a wet wipe/disinfectant wipe for the job like I have countless times in the past. However afterwards the keyboard started acting funny. Some of the keys don't work at all, while others end up typing incorrect letters or type multiple letters at once. Some other keys even go as far as messing with the brightness control, acting like the tab key, changing volume, refreshing, and all sorts of weird combinations.

I'm not entirely sure what happened here, and it's been annoying because the semester just started and I need a small laptop like this to take notes on and handle my school work. I've opened the back of the Chromebook up and reseated the keyboard connection, that didn't help. I rebooted the device several times, didn't help either. I went as far as to do a power wash which also netted me no results. I'm not sure what else to do, I was hoping to try and go into recovery mode and completely reinstalling ChromeOS and all the drivers, in hopes that will fully restore things beyond what a power wash can do, however the escape key doesn't work, which I need for the key combination to go into recovery mode.

Not really sure what else to do here, if anyone has any suggestions or help, or has experienced such an issue with the Chromebook and was able to fix it do let me know. I had the thought of purchasing a replacement keyboard but they cost well over $100 which makes zero sense to purchase.

Any help is kindly appreciated,

Steve M.

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This problem is very common, a liquid probably water has found a way to enter in the keyboard and messed up everything, the only solution, as far as I know, is to replace your keyboard.

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Yeah, I figured any fix without replacement will probably be futile. Do you know anywhere I can purchase the replacement keyboard? Only source I've found has it listed at such a high price.

Thanks for your input,



Search on Amazon or eBay you can find one there for a good price.


You can get a cheap bluetooth keyboard for to connect with and try to fix before you have to full on replace


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