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The Cuisinart DCC-1200 can be identified as Brew Central Coffeemaker apart of the DCC-1200 Series released in 2015.

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My Cusinart DCC-1200: brewed coffee isn't flowing into the carafe

I add my coffee ground in the filter basket holder, add water in the reservoir then flipped the switch to the ON position. In a short few seconds normally the hot water coffee mixture will begin draining into the carafe. However, nothing happens.

I verified that the coffee maker is plugged into an active ac outlet, the clock on the Cusinart is set to the current time, the function knob is set to Auto On, and the On and Auto Indicator Light lights up.

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Due to lack of actual detail on the problem all that can be suggested at this time is the following:

Owner's Manual:

Showerhead, Water Filter, Self clean Setting, check time mode/manual mode

Instructionials Cuisinart DCC-1200 Repair

Toll free assistance #


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1 solution

Power off and Unplug unit. Next try and Check nozzle for blockage between exit of filter and entrance of coffee pot. Make sure lids and all moving parts are closed and secured. Hope this helps usually something small that was overlooked if device was working normal before interruption.

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