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Is it bad if I hard reset it often -flashlight and camera not working

My iphone camera and flashlight does like once in a week not work and the only way i know to fix it is hard reset but i heard that its not good to do it often as it may ruin the battery or get to hot often.

I still have warranty left but what if they say that the hard reset «fixed» it but it is actually a hard ware problem- like my warranty is going to go out before the big issues( battery etc.) like i mentioned would happen to my iphone, leaving me with a broken phone in the end and it has t been a year since i bought it.

what should i do and what are youre guys opinion?

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Not really sure what your concern is to be honest. If the phone is still under warranty then they should fix the phone. It's the phone malfunctioning that is the root of resetting the phone. If you don't take it in before the warranty runs out then you have no chance getting the phone fixed unless you do the repairs yourself. As I previously mentioned though I am not really sure I understand your concern about seeking warranty repair aid.

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This problem only happens sometimes and get fixed by hard reset which every it tech worker knows so by fixing it for me right then and there it will show that there is no issue but my warrabty is to november but im moving to polanf for my studies which makes it hard for future reference. But my sister also bought the same and she got this problem too only hers did not get fixed by a hard reset and it is in for repair. Im afraid mine will turn out like that after the warranty goes out.


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