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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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My zte keeps getting real hot in back till almost burns hand

My zte keeps getting real hot from back of phone so hot scares me

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Might want to pop the back off and do a visual inspection (pay particular attention to any swelling of the battery). You could also do a bit of touching on the components to try and identify what exactly is heating up. If the battery shows any signs of swelling you will need to get it replaced immediately for safety's sake. See the following on how to remove the back of your phone:

Remplacement de l'assemblage du boitier arrière du ZTE ZMax Pro


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bigmama50ers  the very first thing is to remove the battery. Replace the battery with a new one and discard of the old one properly. Remember that heat always equals short circuit. Since it is at the back of the phone you most likely have a failed overcharging circuit in your battery which is an immediate fire hazard.

Remplacement de la batterie du ZTE ZMax Pro

Place the old battery in a tin can and leave it outside for a few days. There is nothing going to happen since it will be disconnected. After that you can dispose of it according to your state/community guidelines.

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Another reason could be that the CPU being pushed to it's limit could be the reason because I tend to notice the heat whenever I play a game on my ZMax Pro and it does literally turn into a hand warmer even if the charger is unplugged. And in this case, the heat can also be felt on the top of the screen.

PCs and laptops have big enough heatsinks and often with a fan, most phones don't have much in the way of cooling and that's why they get hot in the hands too

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