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Why do my google searches redirect me to other search engine?

If I search something on google or my search bar it takes me to the normal google, but when i go to click on a website link, often (not always) instead of redirecting me to the website, it opens a new tab and leads my search to msearches then to bing or some other search engine with my same original search.

This is very annoying when completing research etc, and i would like it solved. My classmate also has the same problem.

Please help or direct me somewhere else to get help

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Sounds like you have inadvertently installed new software or a browser add-on that includes redirecting routines. Either uninstall any new software you have recently installed or if applicable start your Web Browser in Safe Mode to disable any add-ons or you can (again if applicable) disable them or you can completely uninstall them. You may have to reboot your computer too after uninstalling etc.

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Thank you, I ended up finding a chrome extension that got corrupt and so i just repaired it. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated


@livenexus Good to hear and thanks for the update! :-)


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