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Atv engine sounds like the idle is going up and down

On my atv which is a taotao Chinese 110cc kids atv the engine sounds like it’s idle is going up and down and it sometimes stalls when I give it gas or when i get it to cold start I have to turn on the choke then turn it off immediately as soon as it turns over. I had a different carburetor on there and it wasn’t doing this but that carburetor had a leak somewhere and was not letting engine run because it kept flooding the engine.

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Most likely can be a gasket near throttle or carb that needs replacing or bolts tightened to spec a bad gasket or vacuum hose or tube that is damaged at ends ripped pinched frayed or disconnected which will cause the symptom you described called THROTTLE OR IDLE SURGING try listening for hiss or whistle of air or vacuum leaking around where gas line meets carb.

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Well first off if you have a problem right off of idle then you have a pilot jet issue.if it stumbles after a quick blip of the throttle then it's too lean.if you can adjust the air screw or the fuel screw on the side of the carb then do so until absolutely no hesitation after a quick throttle blip.if you can't adjust enough to fix the issue and depending on which screw you have you need to either install a bigger pilot jet or a smaller far as a fuel leak verify the leak location.if it's coming out from the over flow tube the the float is set too high or the float needle and seat need to be checked out for a sticking open problem.if the float needle is the cause you will need to replace the needle and seat

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