How to replace SIM card READER?

Please do not link the in process teardown and SIM card replacement. I've tried the isopro whatever it's spelled alchohol and three diferent SIM cards, including one if the big ones I know work.

The phone ramdomly stopped reading SIM cards. By ramdon I mean RANDOM. I was LITERALY on when it happened. We were going through some mountains when the service fell. At the moment I choked it up to the place. Long after we left the mountains I checked the phone again and it was still on searching.

Weirded out, I opened the phone to see it telling me “No SIM card- Searching". I removed the batery and removed and placed back in the SIM and nothing changed.

At home, I put my SIM in a phone that was laying around and worked. I took the chance and tested two more SIMs. One was invalid and the other belongued to my sister (one of the big ones too) and nothing changed.

I posted a question a few weeks ago if I remember correctly and two people linked me to the five minute SIM card replacement tutorial when I wrote in the TITLE of the sentence ‘READER', not tray.

I don't want that, I want to know what I need to MICROSOLDER to replace the READER. Sorry if I come out as offensive, but I'm not in the best mood due to family stuff.

Please, feel free to send a long comment in how to microsolder the reader, or if you want, post it in the device repair tutorials. Either will be loved!

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