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The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a handheld steam cleaning device designed for floors. This mop is a thin, white and grey, steam mop with a long handle and a wide rectangular base. The device has variable steam controls and replaceable cleaning pads.

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Repair fee estimation for steam vacuum

Even if I turn on switch , it does not work.

In this case how much maximum cost estimate for repair ?

I would like to consider repair or replace.

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It can depend. Usually, a reputable repair shop will tell you an item is Beyond Economical Repair (BER) if the cost of their repair is going to exceed the cost of replacement. Estimating the cost is hard because there are multiple things that could have caused the failure, and each part could have a drastically different price tag. They won’t know what the parts cost will be until they have diagnosed the faulty part. Often, repairing the item should be cheaper than buying a new one; otherwise who would bother going to the repair shop?

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If the Shark Professional Pocket Mop is the exact steam vacuum you have, and the light doesn't come on at all when plugged in; then the issue is likely either a faulty cord or a faulty Control Panel (Remplacement du panneau de commande de la vadrouille à vapeur Shark Professional).


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Shark 3601 lift awat steam cleaner not getting hot it has steam

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