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94 Honda Shadow - electrical issue - wont turn over at all

I have a 94 Shadow vt1100. I ride this bike often and it's been running great until today when I tried to start it something went wrong with the electrical system. I got on the bike, turned the key on, flipped the switch on the handlebars and hit the starter switch and the bike turned over fine but didn't start right away. No biggy, I hit the starter switch again and it started to turn the starter motor then everything went dark. No lights on the speedometer, no headlight, no nothing. So I turn the key off then back on, nothing. I get my multi-tester out and the battery reads zero volts when the key is in the on position, but reads 12.5 volts with the key off. So I get my trickle charger out and throw it on the battery. Same kind of issue when the key is on versus off. So when the key is on the charger says it's in standby mode and does nothing, when I turn the key off the trickle charger says the battery has a full charge (I have a Noco Genius G1100 trickle charger). There is a 25amp fuse coming off the battery cable that I checked but is not blown. The battery is fairly new Motobatt sealed battery.

I'm not an electrical wiz but any ideas of what might be happening and/or what I might be able to check next?

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The battery reads zero with your multimeter because you have a short, start to test the battery at the battery then work your way to the on off switch and continue on down the line, you will find the problem, you can disconnect some of the major items but test after each one such as the starter, instrument cluster, etc.

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