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Coil valves replaced and popping

We had our coil valves replaced in our kitchen aid dryer and then there were about 6 loud popping noises. We are afraid to use it. Any ideas?

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@ladytech this may be one for you


I need a model number. Also, I need to know why the coils were replaced. Did a qualified technician diagnose the issue and make the repairs? What was the original problem.


Yes the coils were replaced because unit wasn't heating and its working fine. We realized the washer was going at the time and now it is not working. We have a sears kenmore and we think it came from the washer. It was loud popping and I wonder does the computer board make that noise when it goes out? Sometimes it starts beeping by itself and now washer not working. Sorry for confusion. Miriam


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I would have to have heard the popping noise to be able to be of help. Any number of things could have caused that noise. The washer will need to be diagnosed in person. Voltage test would need to be done to determine the problem. I’d only be guessing if I tried to help via internet.

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Thanks for your help. Miriam


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