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Repair and service information for the Sanza Fuse, a flash-based Video/MP3 player with a 1.9" color screen, and MicroSD slot. Released in March 2008.

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Need to free up space

I turn on the Sansa Fuze 8 GB MP3 player and get an error message - "Not enough space for music DB. Please free 90 MB."

I have nothing installed on it and only listen to the radio. However, I turn it on and only receive the error message for 5-10 seconds and it shuts off.


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Derek, I've fixed it thanks to you! My PC is in the shop, so I was trying to work off a Mac at work. Once I accessed the PC and plugged my MP3 player into a Windows format, it asked me if I wanted to reformat the drive, did it quickly, and now I'm back in business.

You are a blessing - thank you so much!!!

Debbie, Baton Rouge, LA


More than happy to help!


Debbie, all you have left is to accept Derek's answer. That way he gets the credit and everyone else with the same problem, will know that it works ;-) Good Luck


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Try reformatting the storage drive or otherwise restoring the device to factory defaults.

Is your memory card installed? I'm not too familiar with that mp3 player, but if it requires a MicroSD card and it's not reading one, it could complain about not having available memory.

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