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Home button only unlocks since screen replacement

Hi, Since I replaced a iphone 8 plus screen yesterday. I find now the home button only works when unlocking the phone only. It does not work when trying to close any app or settings screen. Can anyone help resolve this?

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Do you still have the original home button?


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Occasionally this is just a software issue. Try powering it off via Settings (as opposed to holding the power button) and then rebooting: Settings-> General-> Shutdown-> Slide to power off.

Alternatively, the home button cable in the screen backplate may be poor quality, and I would try replacing that or the screen if you’re able. Worst case you could have damaged the flex cable on the home button itself and that really isn’t repairable.

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I have the original button. It scans my finger without any problems. So I doubt I damaged the cable? Perhaps it is the screen then. I don’t have another one to try it with at present.


@chrismax2 I'm aware. I take it the software fix didn't work? It's still possible the home button was damaged when you removed it, it's incredibly fragile. But the cheaper solution would be to try another screen first. Especially because if the home button is indeed damaged it is irreplaceable.


The person I fixed it for text me today, after 5 days of not working it started to work on it's own. So sounds like it was software related.


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