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Why is the water tube to the ice maker freezing

The water tube keeps freezing over and then popping out in the back of the ice maker. We have cleared the tube several times. Once it clears it makes ice for about two days and then freezes again. What can we do to keep it from freezing. The ice maker works well other than this issue.

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Try rerouting your line from the valve to the ice maker assembly. Where it’s goes in the freezer doesn’t make it loop high try keeping the loop short as possible. What’s happening is the water is dripping and freezing when the valve is closed. With a short loop there’s less water


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Your water inlet valve at the back of the fridge on the bottom where the icemaker line is stuck open a little, maybe of hardwater deposits or sand ECT, needs to be replaced, it unplugs, 2 prongs and the hose going to the upper part of the fridge too all go together as 1 , it's not a part you can open it's sealed

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This is simple the water valve is not closing all the way . Has foreign stuff in it. Get a new water valve because it cant be taken apart .its located on the back bottom where the water line goes

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