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An Amazon tablet released in 2014 featuring a 7 inch HD color touchscreen display.

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No power no charge at at all when plugged in

Power on issues not charging

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2 solutions

Daniel Delgado  double check your power adapter and make sure that it is working properly. Try another cables as well. If those two things are okay you will have to focus on the power connector. Make sure it is free of any dust/debris. Use a few drops of isopropyl alcohol and puffs of compressed air to clean it. If the power accepts your charge cable ok then it is time to crack open your Fire HD. You can now measure on the connector if it does indeed get power. If so you will have to check the battery voltage next. Measure without having the power adapter plugged in and then when it is plugged in. Let us know what those voltage are.

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Does the cable wiggle up and down when plugged in? Charging port failure is very common for Kindles. The replacement process unfortunately isn’t easy either. If you do not have the tools or experience I recommend taking it to a local repair shop that supports soldered charging port repairs.

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