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Mis sur le marché le 21 septembre 2018. Modèles A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Disponible avec GSM ou CDMA / eSIM ou dual-sim / 64, 256 ou 512 Go / Argent, Or ou Gris sidéral. (Se prononce "iPhone 10 S".)

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Why is there no incoming and outgoing audio in calls after a repair?

I replaced the screen on an iPhone XS and now the audio does not work on calls. Incoming and outgoing, people cannot hear me and I cannot hear them. Face ID still works and the microphone still works (voice recorder works) and so does the earspeaker (I can hear it when playing anything else.) One last thing, when I place it on speaker it immediately takes it out and still, nothing can be heard.

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If it suffered a decent drop I would suspect one of the solder balls on the interposer board that is connected to baseband has failed in some way. I think you might have to split the board and check. If the pads look all right the baseband ic would be the next culprit.

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Same here,

I hope you sorted it out, but I am testing an iPhone XS with the same issue, and if I press and hold the Face ID (and earpiece) cable it works on phonecalls, as soon as I realease the finger from the connector it stops working.

What could it be?

I’ve already changed the earpiece, but with no changes.

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