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The Alienware M14x is a laptop designed for optimum gaming experience and content.

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Laptop GPU reflowing- help needed

Hi I want to reflow the gpu on my only laptop by myself, I can't trust repair center or can't effort a new laptop .

I kind of bent the main board so this happened.

Question : I want to reflow gpu using heat gun and laser thermometer for measurement , what's the best melting temperature for it? I saw people go up to 260 but I usually solder joints melt at 200-210 Celsius , so I'm wondering if lower temperature will reduced the risk of burning the gpu completely…

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@javid_zare_s a reflow is not going to fix a bend motherboard. If the solder connections or pads have come loose they will not go through a reflow. Remember that a good reflow is more than just blasting an area with a hot air gun. Anyhow, I suggest you follow the profile as outlined on here

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