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Small battery powered guitar amplifier produced by First Act in 2011. This specific First Act amplifier can be identified by its model number MA2039 located on the front plate.

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First Act MA2039 Speaker Specs & Upgrade Recommendations?

I want to upgrade the speaker in the First Act MA2039 battery amp. I use the MA2039 for prepurchase check of prospective guitars found on Craigslist, OfferUp and LetGo.

What are the OEM specs on the speaker? (Driver size, mounting bolt pattern, resistance and RMS watt rating. Also need the amp's RMS rating too.)

Im looking for better sound quality to better hear any electronics issues the guitars may have plus get an idea of the basic tone of the guitar before buying it.

SPL/max volume is not required, for that i use an EHX headphone amp with a pedal or two plugged in between it and the guitar.

I use both as each can demonstrate different things better than the other.

Thanks in advance!


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Your Amps specs: First Act MA2039

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Thank you, Dan! That's perfect as I got the amp as a freebie add-on when I bought a pair of First Act guitars (the ME538 and ME1959), but with no instructions or owner's manuals.

The speaker specs matched my guess (the speaker was unmarked) altho the amp power rating was a surprise. Its lower than what I guessed. That itty bitty box is pretty loud for its power rating!

Ok now time to shop for an aftermarket speaker...

Again, thank you!



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