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Repair your Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner with a part replacement guide.

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Burning smell, not rotating

Sucked in a long shoelace that jammed it. Now brushes don’t rotate and a rubber burning smell in motor area.

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If your Dyson vacuum is emitting an unusual smell, see the Dyson Ball Animal Emits Unusual Smell or Noise problem page for possible causes and solutions.

I’d take the bush bar off and use some pliers and see if I could get the shoelace out:

Changement rouleau-brosse Dyson DC14

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The burning smell is probably the belt which drives the brush. The motor armature will burn it in half if you don’t free up the brush or belt. Follow the instructions for replacing the belt to get in to the motor head and eyeball the armature where it contacts and drives the belt.

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