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The first generation of the Lexus RX300 luxury sedan SUV crossover.

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Engine Misfire after heating up

Hi, I have RX300 99’model. the engine misfire when its heating up and the heat indicator show just a little over half. Already checking coils, already changing plugs. and i even changed the distributor. yet the problem still persists . it is not like misfiring all the time but when i try to over take or climb up, i cannot raise above 50 at all. i had to ease on the accelerator little bit and press it again then ease again then press it again. Can anybody help me with that please?

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If you accellerate slowly going down the highway can you slowly gain speed up to 70MPH? Misfire while trying to accellerate quickly is usually a problem with the MAF or MASS or MAP sensors. If you cannot go up to a higher speed under heavy or normal accelleration, you also can have a fuel delivery problem, low fuel pressure, weak fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, problem with clogged intectors, etc. The best thing to do is have the computer scanned for the data and watch live to see what is happening under heavy accelleration even if you are in the parking lot.

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