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The Flip Ultra HD is a digital video camcorder by Pure Digital/Cisco, discontinued in 2011

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Flip Ultra HD Model U260 Not turning on


I was filming my daughters wedding with a Flip Ultra HD Model U260. Near the end of the wedding, the screen was just white. I took the batteries out and back in, would not turn on. I put in new batteries. Still won’t turn on. Attached to USB on my computer, does not turn on with or without batteries. I started to press where the camera tripod is but noticed there is no pin to press to reset (Based on some Google searches). Any help would be appreciated because I have my daughters wedding on the flip camera and need to get the videos off. Thank You in advance for your help.

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Yikes—sounds like software corruption. This one may be recoverable by simply desoldering the storage chip and reading the data. It depends on whether or not the recorder stores the data on the chip encrypted or not—many of these don’t. Definitely worth a shot—price should be around $300 for a chip off read.

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Thank You for your response.

Who would be able to do this kind of work?

Thank You


Feel free to reach out to us at


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