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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console and is the first of its kind across all systems with dual-screen technology and use, apart from clamshell Game & Watch systems.

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How do I replace the wifi cable if it was split?

The DS broke completely into two and snapped the wifi wire that connects the top to the bottom. I got the ribbon cable but don't know where to find or how to replace the wifi cable.

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Yes US English is my first language I am sorry if I am not very familiar with all the cables or wires that run through the DS. I am still trying to learn and that is why I use the website.


and you are doing a great job....Thank you for accepting my answer and do not ever hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. We are all learning from each other and that is what makes this site great. Best of luck and do not hesitate to ask again....


Thank you for being so comprehensive and helpful. And I do have to agree that this is a GREAT site =) I can't thank you enough you have helped me so much.


Thank you for accepting OT's answer. I am glad we were able to help you. If you have any more questions on this problem please ask them through comments in this thread. It may take a couple of days but they will be answered.


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fernanda, if you are talking about the red and black wire I believe it to be 34 or 36 AWG gauge twisted wire. Any of the electronic hardware store like radio shack etc. should have them. Good Luck

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Thank you for the response


you are welcome and good luck. DO let us know if there are any further problems :-)


+ You answered her question well oldturkey. However, I believe fernanda has asked the wrong question to resolve the problem they have. The audio signals go through the ribbon cable from the motherboard to the upper part of the DS. If this was snapped in 2 pieces. They need to replace the ribbon cable and the black WIFI cable. Those are the cables/wires that go through the hinge. The back WIFI cable is a coaxial (has 2 wires running through 1 insulator). The 2 best fixes for a broken WIFI cable are: 1) Replace the daughter boards with wires for the upper half. 2) Replace the black coaxial cable with one from a DS Lite WIFI board (The cheaper of the 2 fixes, but requires soldering.).


I had the same feeling, that is why I gave such a global answer. fernanda did state that she had the ribbon cable, so at that time I was hoping for some clarification...;-)


Like I said OT I thought you answered the question asked well. I believe that fernanda asked the wrong question. That is why I + your answer and continued to answer the question of how to solve the problem with the wires of a broke in 2 DS. I believe fIernanda's first language is not US English. I have repaired close to 1000 of this system broke in 2. Intuitively I knew you were being asked the wrong question(s).


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