Camera on phone is facing forwards with no option to go to rear camera

I’ve got a VFD 700 which I plan to upgrade soon but I wanted to see what this issue is I’m experiencing and if anyone had this happen.

Once I pull the cover of the back off the phone and unscrew and take of the next cover which covers the motherboard and restart the phone the camera works on both sides (front and back).

But as soon as I put the phone back together again fully the phone seems to just say, nope the camera is not working. I’ve done this procedure 3 times and each time I get to the final step and it displays the same issue.

It seems as if something is shorting the motherboard when everything is tightened up but that’s my only guess. I can ‘t seem to find a direct fault.

If anyone can help regards this very edge case issue I’d greatly appreciate it.

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