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The BlackBerry Key2 (stylised as BlackBerry KEY²) is a touchscreen-based Android smartphone with a portrait-oriented, fixed (not sliding) integrated hardware keyboard. The Key2 LE is produced by TCL Corporation under the BlackBerry Mobile brand name and is available in 3 colours. Includes models BBF100-1 (EU, Africa, AU); BBF100-2 (Canada, US, LATAM); BBF100-6 (ME, APAC, India); BBF100-4 (China).

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How do I fix an antenna broken off the mainboard?


During a screen replacement, the “male” part of this blue cable (i think it’s the antenna) did break off the mainboard (slot 2) and is is now “stuck” inside the cable.

How can I replace the “male” part on the mainboard? Do I have to solder? Because I’m not that experienced in solder tiny things so I’m kind of afraid to break even more.

The local smartphone doctor would charge me $70 for a repair - is that a fair price or way too much?

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You can do a right repair: Find the broken piece and solder it back, or Order a new piece and solder it back, or take the piece from a donor board and solder it back.

You can do a quick repair: Remove the head from the cable, solder the outside cable to ground and the internal cable to the signal pad.

Is a five minutes task, but you need to have the equipment and the knowledge to complete the task. From $30 to $50 I think it’s OK

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I think this is horrible advice. “You need the right equipment…”. Yes! This is a microsoldering job, and if you muck it up, the motherboard is toast. I paid $150 to fix mine, at This failure apparently happens often.


Agreed. I have soldered these u.fl connections. They are very small, difficult to solder. And easy to cause a short circuit.


@Bob Haberkost $150?????????? Jesus, I’ve soldered these on for £5 😂 Some places really take the mick.


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