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How to correct dtc P0017?

Replaced failed water pump and afterwards got P0017 which is camshaft/crankshaft position correlation bank 1 sensor B that pertains to timing probably one tooth off on timing belt. I was needing help/advice to correct this problem.

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if the code is still up then get a mechanic to read the freeze frame data and they should be able to determine where the issue is, it may be your timing itself but it can also be faulty cam/crank sensors, faulty or damaged wiring, solenoid/actuator, tone ring broken or slipped, it relates to the exhaust cam and crank rather than intake side. if its the teeth or stretched belt/chain it will be over 10 degrees out at idle, check to see if its a chain or belt depending on the engine and what the mileage is for changing them. a good garage should be able to pinpoint the issue without just jumping straight for a new timing set, may save you a few hundred.

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